Home Preparation & Pricing

With a great knowledge of the current real estate market and access to extensive info on recently sold comparable homes (AKA comps), Briddick will assist you in preparing your home to be photographed, shown, and help you choose an accurate price for your home.  He will ensure your home looks attractive to buyers in terms of ambiance and curb appeal, as well as an attractive price for both the sellers and buyers.


                                               Click Here for Briddick's Pre-Listing Checklist!

                                               Click Here for Briddick's Pre-Listing Checklist!

                                         Click here to learn more about Marketing

                                         Click here to learn more about Marketing



Proper marketing is essential to a successful sale and Briddick invests a great deal in advertising the homes he sells. He uses top-notch photographers, signs and home flyers, hosts open houses & broker's opens, ensures your home is on all the main real estate websites, and more. 


The Sale

As hopeful buyers submit offers for your home, Briddick serves many roles.  He will be a knowledgeable consultant for reviewing offers, looking for any details that may later cause a problem.  Briddick is an ally to his sellers in negotiating counteroffers and ensuring you get the most out of your sale.  He is at your service, following through on sales contracts, being available to answer your questions, and keeping you updated on the progress of the sale.




There are many important things to consider when buying a home.  Briddick helps home buyers weigh the pro's and con's of each home they are interested in and assists them to make the best possible decision.


After coming up with a budget or price range for your new home, you can provide Briddick with a list of characteristics that you want in a home, as well as things that you absolutely need.  He will scour the market and come up with some excellent options to choose from and assist you in finding just what you are looking for!



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